Shree Banaskantha Kadva Patidar Sanskar Mandal, Palanpur

Aim And Objectives

The objects and aims of this mandal will be as under
(1) To make publicity of education in the villages of our society, and also to develop education by which intellectual,moralitv and physical        wealth spread in public.
(2) To start and maintain any institution for the education of boys student and girls student and for that purpose to purchase land, to      receive landby gift, or by other way, or to sell or to give facility to sell, and also to establish and maintain hostel for the students        studying in this institutions.
(3) To construct, purchase and to give on rental basis to the teachers and Staff of trust.
(4) To fulfill the objects and aims of this trust to collect fund and get donation and grant, scholarship, it is receivable i.e. conditional        orunconditional.
(5) To organize public meeting,competition, and other cultural activities for the development of public education.
(6) The aim of this trust to give facilities like education and medical for the interest of society without any partiality.
(7) To develop feeling of co-operation,discipline,character,accuratness,and service and responsibility and rnake them ideal civilian.
(8) For the development of society to execute the constructive work.
(9) This institution will be affiliated with other institutions whose objects will be proper with point of view of this institution and can affiliate        other institutions with this institution.
(10) The activities of this rnandal will be executed independently without any pressure of any political party. .