Shree Banaskantha Kadva Patidar Sanskar Mandal, Palanpur


  To provide an atmosphere that nurtures excellence in academics, character building and personality     development.
  Our School imparts quality education to its students at all levels, so as to make them passionate learners.     students develop a caring attitude, dignity, self-respect, a sense of responsibility and respect for others.
  To improve the teaching–learning process as professionals.
  To achieve integrated development of mind, body and soul by imparting training in academics, indoor and     outdoor games and performing arts like dance, music & dramatics.
  Highly qualified and dedicated faculty aims at achieving best possible academic results with emphasis on all     round development of the learners.
  To inspire for becoming motivational leaders and administrators in school community and nation.


Our Science College Vision is to links today’s dreams to tomorrow’s realities by providing a quality education that is accessible and affordable. Our vision focuses on student success, teaching and learning excellence and valued employees, As a leading partner in community development, we contribute to the advancement of individual, Scientific, industrial, Social, Economic and Cultural interests in the region.